Pacific National Rail

Pacific National is Australia’s largest intermodal rail provider and a major provider of coal and bulk haulage rail services.

Pacific National has three divisions:
  • A national Intermodal operation
  • Coal and Bulk Rail Queensland
  • Coal and Bulk Rail NSW/Victoria
Through our intermodal operations, we transport millions of tonnes of containerised freight including retail and refrigerated goods, cars, steel, manufacturing and construction products and more across the nation via rail each and every day of the year.

We are the market leader in intermodal freight, operating 180 services per week across mainland Australia, from Cairns to Perth. Through our bulk operations we have proven experience in moving bulk commodities such as grain, mineral concentrates, iron ore and construction materials.
To service the haulage demand from our customers, we have an active fleet of over 350 locomotives and almost 7,000 wagons and a network of strategic intermodal freight terminals in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Coal and Bulk Rail Queensland hauls approximately 27% of the coal hauled in Queensland along with other bulk commodities including iron ore. 

Coal and Bulk Rail NSW hauls approximately 71% of the coal hauled in South East Australia along with other bulk commodities such as grain and mineral sands and a range of building materials. 

Key industry sectors served by Pacific National include retail, manufacturing, coal, iron ore, grain, construction materials and steel making.

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Key Statistics at at 30 December 2013:

National network of freight terminals in major capital cities

Locomotives =590

Wagons  = 12,914

Total tonnes - Bulk = 16.8 million per annum (FY13)

Total Coal NTKs = 14,513.6m (FY13)

Total NTKs - Bulk and Intermodal = 28.7 billion per annum (FY13)

Total capacity - Intermodal = 674,000 TEUs (Twentyfoot Equivalent Unit) per annum